Here’s My Story

Adam Rosser

I’m Adam Rosser, and I have spent enough time with RVs, camping, motorhomes, travel trailers, living on the road, and hiking to call myself an enthusiast.

However, those who know me a bit too well would say that I’m incorrigibly addicted to making a home on the road. I cannot blame them, either.

We all develop the concept of home when we grow up.

Well, the folks at my home did not introduce us to a home that was inside four walls. Instead, they took us — my siblings and me — through all the adventures they had. And I still do not need much time to recreate that classic RV we used to roam around in.

Before I knew it, I was on the road too. For one, no one had to lecture me on how to survive on the road. It was a skill that my family implanted in me.

Soon enough, I also found a newfound interest in RVs and other living-on-the-road vehicles. Sure, I can confidently say that the RV scene has changed in the past decade.

Earlier, we wanted to move around. It was bliss to be on the road and live that hippie life. Now, we have to choose between so many comforts, convenience, and leisure options.

But, do you know what has not changed? The spirit. I still cannot find anything that would replace the feeling of the airbrushing through my hair as I drive by the streets I have not seen before.

And, man, the people we get to meet. I would rather not be born if I could not meet these wonderful souls we meet at RV camps and elsewhere.

Sure, I don’t want to philosophize this too much, but if you know it, you certainly know it. And, even if you are preparing for the first RV trip or the travel trailer experience, the spirit would stay the same.

Here is what I wanted to help. On Campers Craft, I want to discuss anything and everything about camping in RVs and living in travel trailers.

I want to share the adventures that I have done throughout the country and create a space where you can share yours.

Our editorial team will also help you with buying guides and other tips that will make your life on the road more impressive. At the end of the day, I want to help you keep that spirit aflame.